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OAuth Test Client

Instructions for Use

This is a test client that will let you test your OAuth server code. Enter the appropriate information below to test.

Note: we don't store any of the information you type in.

Choose a Signature Method

Enter The Endpoint to Test

Note: You can include query parameters in there to have them parsed in and signed too

Enter Your Consumer Key / Secret

consumer key:
consumer secret:
dump request, don't redirect:
make a token request (don't forget to copy down the values you get)

Enter Your Request Token / Secret

token secret:

Don't forget to update your endpoint to point at the auth or access token url

try to authorize this token:
try to get an access token:

Currently Supported Signature Methods

Current signing method is: PLAINTEXT

Further Resources

There is also a test server implementation in here.

The code running this example can be downloaded from the PHP section of the OAuth google code project: