Your Favorite Band

The Red Elvises are playing this Sunday in Vancouver. I will be in attendance, and I think all of Vancouver should be in attendance as well. Of course, this means space will sell out fast.

Who are the Red Elvises? Well, they are… eclectic. Half-way humorous, half-way bad-ass, and they throw an excellent show. So excellent, in fact, that I decided to see them any time they came around, much to the sadness of the hand that would have been holding my Arcade Fire ticket. But it is so very worth it, they are truly masterful musicians. And the show is cheap.

So, world of Vancouver, come with me to see the Red Elvises. Comment, or otherwise get in touch with me, I don’t want to leave anybody behind, you should all see this band. It’s at The Railway Club, 579 Dunsmuir Street, (604) 681-1625.

Oh, and be ready to dance. Hard.

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