You Finally Made A Monkey Out Of Me

I just got back from my first Burning Man. Oh. Em. Eff. Gee. So amazing. I am such a fucking hippie now.

I hugged so many people, I cried so many times. I danced, and napped, and gave gifts, and accepted gifts and the whole time everyone was so welcoming. When you arrive, people at the gate give you a hug and say “Welcome home.” How cool is that? It felt like home.

People tell me that after a while it starts to feel like it was all a dream and I am afraid of that happening. I want to carry back some of the person I was there, the emotional part, I already physically dress and act pretty much the same. I was kind and happy and carefree.

The whole thing feels like a massive group brainwashing that somehow manages to trick everybody into being loving to each other. What a wonderful world that could be. Perhaps the shared hardship of the desert helps bring that out in people, gives them something to rise above.

Endless words could be written about the art, the community, the setting and the experiences. I’ll be going back.

Thank you so much to everybody who helped me prepare and made my world such a bright and wonderful one for the past week.

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