Where I Am Never The Target

Perhaps my apathy towards the elections comes from feeling like I am never targeted by any of the propaganda. By other people, sure, but I always have the feeling that neither candidate even knows me or my kind exist.

I’m certain that in many ways I am just a kid, and that my resentment of the older generation who always seemed to be oblivious to my life spawns from that, yet I can’t help but feel a little cheated every time I think about how little I matter to a politician until I join the big part of the bell.

I would love to be convinced, and I would love to believe in a candidate, but I don’t, nor have I yet. In these past months, I have found a silver lining in the horrors the current administration has put my country through, a reason to be glad that at least this time things went wrong enough for people to notice, and that is youth interest in politics.

My absentee ballot registration somehow got screwed up so I didn’t get one in the mail up here in Canada, and I can’t really fly back to California just to vote, so, if you are my friend and weren’t going to vote, well, mark one up in Kerry‘s circle for me. Even if I think he’s as much of a demographic hunting tool as the other guy, I couldn’t sleep right voting against him this year.

One thought on “Where I Am Never The Target

  1. i have apathy in spades.

    voting is necessary because it is one of the last exercises in democracy the average joe can actually take part in. of course, i say this through my teeth.

    oh, well.

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