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On October 5th through 7th I will be in San Francisco for Web 2.0. Looks to be an interesting event, but more business than tech.

Kevin Marks mentioned the fact that there are tons of wifi hotspots around the area of the conference, and the hotel is right in the heart of downtown San Francisco, so perhaps there may be a way to get some techie guerilla conferencing happening. If anybody is interested in the idea, let me know and we can figure out how to pull off a nice conference hack.

Quick criticism of their website: They don’t have anchors to each individual workshop, so you can link directly to them. This is very annoying when you are trying to generate a plan for those workshops and sessions that you wish to attend. Seems to me that a conference referring to “The Web As Platform” (“a” obviously wouldn’t fit in their alloted space) should have a website that is at least as usable as allow direct linking to specific events.

A glance at the source reveals two doctype declarations, two complete head sections, and many, many merciless tables (not to mention transparent spacer images and commented out template code). The only sections that may have made vague sense to use a table for, although in reality it should be an unordered list, are the navigation links on the left and the list of workshops, however those actually use paragraphs. That’s right, one link per paragraph, or a bunch of <br />s. Semantic, this is not.

Where are my SubEtha Wikis, my official backchannels, my rss and atom feeds, my direct links to the O’Reilly books these people have written, my webcast sections, my attendee blog links, my ical file of the program… nope definitely Web 1.0.

One of the workshops, by a Vancouver local Stewart Butterfield, actually, called “Dialing on the App Tone” refers to “[t]he quick spread and captivating nature of the ‘Web OS’ meme is testament to our collective ambitions and affection for the early ideals net as a whole.” What is this “Web OS meme” and why haven’t I heard of it? Stewart? Edit: Obviously because I don’t read enough kottke 😉 John Battelle has some info, too.

What’s that, a sxip logo on the sponsors list?

Some of the sessions I am looking forward to:

  • Mark Cuban, I hear he’s quite an entertaining speaker
  • Andrew Conru, “What the Adult Industry Can Teach Us,” duh.
  • David Sifry, this guy is an excellent speaker and a ncie guy, too.
  • Cory Doctorow, EFF? Dark forces? Nice.
  • From The Labs (IBM, Google, Microsoft), I’d like to see what these guys have cooking
  • Craig and Jim (Craigslist), Craig apparently has the social capital of a small country
  • Lawrence Lessig, I’d like to see what all the hype is about

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