Introducing: VisivoTab

Writing an extension for Chrome is an absolutely wonderful experience. The APIs are great, simple and easy to debug. I decided that it was a bit cloudy for the park today so I may as well do something useful with all my idle time.

I bring you VisivoTab, a Chrome extension that turns your ugly, boring “New Tab” page into a beautiful showcase of photo art hand-picked for your browsing interstitial pleasure by visivo on Flickr.

screenshot of visivotab

It’s damn pretty and that ain’t no lie. Install today!

(Thanks Jesse, for the idea)

4 thoughts on “Introducing: VisivoTab

  1. Beautiful. Feature request: put this inside the [body] of the new tab: [a href=”URL to photo page on Flickr” style=”width:100%;height:100%”] [/a] – It would help someone who happened upon a cool photo they want to re-use or buy to find the original and contact the owner.

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