Vancouver and San Francisco

How crazy would somebody be to try to live in both, at the same time?

I found out on Tuesday that the paperwork concerning my work permit in Canada had finally gone through, meaning that I have only to present the proper application along with the new approval at the border in order to be allowed access to Canada once again. This is a big win, Sxip put a lot of effort into pushing it all through, and I thank them and look forward to heading back up there.

At the same time, this unexpected win presents a multitude of new gotchas. My current obligations in San Francisco are significant: I have moved into a new apartment with a new roommate; I have a contract for high-speed internet at my new apartment; I have, over the next couple months, attendance planned at a few conferences; I have friends and projects that would be a loss to abandon so quickly.

Solution? Well, i’m just tossing around ideas at this point, but what about keeping both places? I have a nice apartment in Vancouver, and a nice place here, awesome friends in both places. I would get to experience two incredible cities, have places for friends to crash in either one if they were making a trip, have two places I could call home.

Doing the math, my lifestyle would take something of a hit, but it was a fairly outrageous lifestyle for somebody with as few real needs as myself anyway. Rent is obviously the largest factor, paying for two places isn’t cheap, but when finding a place down here, I specifically looked for somewhere quite cheap for the area. Above that there is a bill for internet in two places (well, the one in Vancouver won’t start until August), electricity in two places and I was already paying for mobile phone plans in both places. Plane tickets between SFO and YVR cost about $300 and travel between the airports and my apartments is quite easy. All in all, based on average cost of everything involved, I can cover it based on my current salary and still survive. It would be a little rough, but I could do it.

Living in two places would still require finishing the stocking of this place, although it is fairly complete except for furniture. The dent in available cash would be very quickly noticeable when it came to planning trips, going to shows or even taking somebody out to a fancy dinner, but it may be worth it. Besides, a little adventure might be just what the doctor ordered.

Again, thanks to everybody at Sxip for all the hard work in getting this together. In the end, if it comes down to it, I may just have to move back to Vancouver, but I’m really hoping for a creative solution.

5 thoughts on “Vancouver and San Francisco

  1. Clone yourself. Live in both places at once 😛

    Ummm…get a room mate in one / both places?

    Rent out your digs when you’re not there to passing strangers — “please place money in the tip jar to fund Andy’s north/south existence”.

    Find someone else who will do the opposite half of the swaps with you. We’ll call him/her Mini-Andy.

  2. you’re nuts.

    if you really want to keep both places, at least sublet one of them out while you’re gone to supplement your income a bit.

    you might be able to afford it, but having an empty house that you’re paying for elsewhere is just a waste of money.

  3. Wow, crazy.

    I would also look into a way to at least partially supplement your income… you crazy bastard.

    That would be cool though.

    $300 a trip seems like it would be annoying too.

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