Uses for the Mac Mini

My mind is ablaze with uses for the new Mac Mini. After some calculations, I’ve decided I will need about 100 million.

Beowulf cluster. Beowulf cluster. Beowulf cluster.

Remember those things they used to put in the road, the rocks, cobblestones, replace them with mini Macs. Who wouldn’t want a road that shines with computing power? The only problem is deciding whether to call them ‘Applestones’ or ‘Macstones,’ although I must say, I’m leaning towards ‘Applestones.’

Those glass bricks that they build walls with at places that might have at some point in their lives been fancy, well they’ve got to go, replace ’em with mini Macs. Just stack them up on their side two Macs thick in opposing directions, get some epoxy, presto, “MacWall” “iWall”

Beowulf cluster. Beowulf cluster. Beowulf cluster.

Combine the Mac Mini with a UPS that can keep it running for a few hours, a Segway (Is the picture on their site a shot of the 85 to 101 junction in San Jose?), the new Robosapien, and a boombox. Use a bluetooth phone to control the music on the mac, the Robosapien remote to control the Segway, and you’ve got yourself a mobile party. Preprogram some neat Segway dance moves into the Robosapien and you will be unstoppable. “iParty” “AppleDance”

Replace the boombox with a Hecklebot, hack the Robosapien remote into some sort of USB device for the Mac, and add a webcam. Combined with the wifi available at the conference, you can now heckle an entire conference from the safety of your own pants-free living room. “MackleBot” “iHeckle” “iConference” “AppleConBot” “NoChanceAnybodyWillBePayingAttentionToTheSpeakerBot”

Get a large set of metal rings, about 2 inches in diameter, and another set that fits just inside of them. Glue the larger rings in a square on the four corners on the bottom of the Mac Minis, glue the smaller rings to the tops in corresponding positions so that the a Mac Mini placed on top of another will form something akin to a Lego. What better way to get kids involved with computers? “BuildingMacs” “AppleBlocks” “iBuild”

Did I mention Beowulf cluster? No? Beowulf cluster. “MacDaddy”

5 thoughts on “Uses for the Mac Mini

  1. You give a whole new meaning to the term “embedded” computer– ha!

    Seriously, I wrote up a little how-to (for newbies who’ve never heard of a Beowulf cluster) on making the mac mini into a Media Center PC. Sans dancers of course:

    Although I wonder if MythTV can be made to run on the hardware? That’d be cool… Or maybe use VirtualPC to actually run Media Center? Boy, THAT would be so very, very ugly.

    Something people miss is that you can enable screen zooming on the mac, which is good for reading text on a TV (if you aren’t using the DVI option).


  2. I had about 100 people mezmerized using this function at a outdoor event. Projected on a 15′ screen, the audience was watching the GI Joe remakes, then all of a sudden Z0om out.. whoa it’s a mac.. zo0M in and whoa.. you are flying around airtights face.


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