(Un)Social Anxiety

Moving to Vancouver has been quite an adventure, not only have I been thrust a thousand miles away from almost everybody I’ve known, but my occupational responsibility has increased substantially and with it my ability to engage in social activities without worrying much about the monetary consequences. And engage I have, so much so that it seems I’ve scarcely had a free day since my arrival.

Between coworkers, their friends, and things like the Concert Experiment (and the related people met through such endeavors) I feel very satisfied with my somewhat shallow social life. The problem, you see, only becomes apparent once I do have free time.

I am a social animal, certainly, but it has become such a habit that it borders on dependency. When I end up with some free hours in an evening and no further plans, rather than soaking up my chance for contemplation, personal work, or geeking out, I tend to start scrambling for the next person to hang out with. It can’t be healthy.

Therefore, in a typically introspective “Andy” manner, I will be attempting to curb this behavior… by programming obsessively in every spare moment. I have a desk now, you know.

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