This Old House

It’s not exactly what you’d call a “precise” house, or a “modern” house, or a house that “anticipated electricity when it was built,” but it certainly has some kind of charm.

My new place is a crooked place, a house where the floors don’t always get along with the walls, where the tops of door frames can’t remember what it is like to touch a door and where cylindrical items set gently upon the hardwood floors seem compelled to make a pilgrimage towards one of the corners. The steps leading to the front door go out of their way to show you where thousands of people have stepped before and the paint, while abundant, does little to mask the wrinkles and gray hairs of one hundred years of history.

There is a backyard, making this place different from every place I’ve lived in since I was 13, with a fire pit, a statue, some bricks, a parking meter and some portion of a movie prop that was allegedly used in Jason and the Argonauts. There is also a deck, newer than any other structure in the house, that is shared between our apartment and the neighboring one. Late night communal fires, along with the adjoining trading of knowledge (and drinks), have already been commonplace in my short stay; an anti-social house this is not.

The block opposite the front of the house is brought to life by a mural, “Frisco’s Wild Side,” that runs most of its length, placing a giant fish directly in sight of our frontmost window — and me as I write this. Further down the block begins another mural, a brightly colored tribute to the roots of hip-hop. Graffiti of the artistic, and non-artistic, variety makes its presence known throughout the area.

The kitchen and bathroom were remodeled between renters, mostly. Something, you see, has prevented the proper flow of gas, creating a fairly noticeable lack of warm water and sabotaging the beautiful antique stove‘s attempts to generate flame, but that is being worked on. It can get pretty cold at night without real heating, too. Sweaters, blankets and maybe slippers are squirming their way onto my shopping list.

It is a good house to have people at, the living area could fit quite a few comfortably and it is close enough to various venues to encourage post-show debauchery, so copious seating plans are being finalized. Time will tell how the neighbors hold up to our inviting nature.

All in all, good culture and good vibes. I’m glad to be here and glad to be settling in.

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2 thoughts on “This Old House

  1. Dude, glad to hear the house has so much charm. Any dwelling that can inspire such poetry must be a treasure box waiting to be discovered.

    I’m really excited to move in, though only slightly less so by the lack of gas and warmth — being spoiled by an indoor fireplace has made me a little weaker, but I still think your roughing it for a couple days will only increase your fondness for the place… shall we give her a name? “Jill” perhaps?

    And hey, isn’t it time that I ended up in your “People” blogroll? 🙂

  2. Great looking house, with inspiring esprit !

    From the way it looks, it’s a worn out good old backyard brick fire pit. It’s a shame for a place like this… Get yourself a true fire pit somthing solid, maybe mobile..

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