The Wind

The past couple weeks in SF have been windy. I feel like this is usually something I don’t mind but lately it makes me wish for escape. It’s a strange thing to have a weather phenomenon move you nearly to frustrated tears, but there it is.

It comes from a few factors, of course.

The tree outside my bedroom window constantly scratches the glass making all manner of noises all day and night. Whether it is the sound of plastic crumpling, metal scraping on metal, or somebody opening my door, the thing just doesn’t stop. Wakes me up startled at night and I am generally a heavy sleeper. I’ve talked to the landlord about it, so hopefully it will get trimmed soon.

My hair is a little too long and gets in my eyes. My usual pleasant and relaxing day activity is walking through my neighborhood reading a book on my way to lunch. The wind constantly blows my hair into my eyes while I am trying to read. Not relaxing. Not pleasant. I’ve taken to wearing hats more often but am considering cutting my hair.

It just makes noise all the time. Not soft breezy noise, but rather gusty random white noise. My house is old, has rattling windows, chimneys. Shuddering noises are the result of every gust.

As I am sitting at the park writing this in warm sunlight, it blows chilling through my sweater, flaps the edges of the blanket I am on, and I’ve pretty much given up on my hair.

Go away, wind, you’re not welcome here anymore.

P. S. Currently home and wind is not blowing, blogging miracle?


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