The Return of Medium Format

I’d love to write this post about cameras and photography, I’m pretty happy shooting on 120 with my ancient Hasselblad, but I digress.

Let’s talk about blogging. I am writing this on my phone. I love computers, I miss the days where generating content in computers was the way it worked. But now, when the moment of creation comes the device that is always in my pocket keeps winning.

I miss the old days, before the number of characters was our constraint, when our clever, overly long, overly punctuated sentences were the norm. Hell, they were even something to be proud of in that somewhat inward giggling way that nobody else was ever going to understand (but maybe that one person did and might laugh with you in your mind). Period before parens? Who cares anymore.

Some things never change. Some things do change.

I am beginning to accept this.

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