The New System

This probably steps on some political toes, but I like Arnold as the Governor of California. I really do, and, while my strongest reasons for liking him as a governor instead of just for radical effect are based purely on my own gut instinct, I think he is doing a good job. I’m sitting in an airport in Portland, Oregon right now, and saw the man on the cover of WIRED magazine. I bought it immediately, and about halfway through the article I just had to say it.

The political system has been being massaged into the place it is in for a very long time, just as any “old” business secures its place in the world, making its pacts, getting its favors. Whether they were the RIAA or IBM, they built themselves into the world only to be forced to watch the world slide right out from under them.

Now, I don’t claim that our own personal action hero is Napster or Apple, but he certainly is more reflective of the changing world and the future than any other political figure I have had an interest in.

This same issue has another article called “Weapons of Mass Mobilization,” and without even reading the article it is obvious where it is going: we are becoming a connected society. Bloggers have been talking about this for quite some time, Technorati is showing it off at the political conventions, and everybody is slowly starting to realize it.

With every idea that brings about a new conduit for many people to communicate with many others we become that much closer to flexing our power. We’ve all heard the amazing stories of what huge groups of connected internet denizens pull off when faced with a puzzle or a challenge, is there any system that could hold up to the combined force of thousands of intelligent human minds? Fight Club was a play on this concept, many stories have been. Forward thinkers have expected it, and they are starting to be proven correct.

The sheer organizational strength of the networked masses is the reason we will see a real change, a change that will not be swallowed up, suffocated with a pillow, and buried into the old system. In many ways, I sincerely hope that Bush wins this election, because the political blowback will be the perfect flame to set the old boat on fire. Maybe it is the Anarchist in me, maybe it is the geek, but I think Bush’s victory is the biggest chance we have of sinking this old ship. We have the technology, we can rebuild it.

What does this have to do with Arnold? Well, I felt it as soon as I saw the “California wants your business” billboards. We are, as a society, in a period of transition, and this will be our Renaissance. California is a prime area to fan the flames of innovation, our history is rich with success, our legend is still inspiring dreams, and Arnold is betting on our success. Just as Loic said at the World Economic Summit, we need to create the centers to attract the great minds. It is the dream that drives people to greatness, without the dream we cannot build the future. Arnold, is reviving that dream.

California is not a state to be run by nobodies and unaccountable good old boys, it is a state with a young personality and power, and it will overflow the banks of entrenched system, we’re already building the bridges.

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