“The Job” on Techvibes Unplugged

Tonight I was the eager participant in a little webcast from the SkyBar lounge in Vancouver. I brought a camera on stage with me to capture the essence of my experience: Photo Slideshow Courtesy of Flickr.

The event was “The Job,” sort of a “The Apprentice”-styled reality thing where two people go head to head for a job. Except in this case it was sort of head-to-ass. At least, that’s sort of how I felt, being the ass part of it.

You see, I ended up as a candidate, through a twisted set of events, putting me on stage with another guy on a live webcast to be interviewed by my boss, Dick Hardt. It was made known that I was already doing work for Sxip, which more or less led to me not being asked any questions. That’s okay though, I wasn’t there for my benefit.

Anyway, I had a good time sort of taking the brunt of the attack, at one point I was actually boo’d for being a Californian. I had on the, as Boris Mann referred to it, ‘shit eating grin’ the entire time, that smug, over-confident, arrogant smile that just sort of says, “hate me.”

Needless to say, the audience of 30-60 gave me 4 votes. Of course, my two friends didn’t vote, so I’ll give myself the benefit of the doubt and say I got anywhere from 10 to 20% of the votes. That’s a lot considering I had absolutely nothing to show for myself except a nice clothes, a smile, and an american attitude. I mean, I do sysadmin something like 10 sites on this box, and have been working in site design, database architecture, and programming for quite a while now, but those aren’t the sort of things you find time for when you are talking about how cool of a person you are. Ah, to live in a world of geeks.

At the end though, I think it was Dick who took it for the team and hired both of us. Except, you know, I was already hired, whatever that means.

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