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Alright guys, I’m still pretty down and out as far as lack of internet goes, but it will be getting better quickly so I think I ought to begin the search for the cool people in this area who are going to get me invited to the cool parties, show me the coolest projects and make sure I am in the know with those who know.

The biggest current constraint is my age, 20, because it stands in the way of most locations that people seem to use for meetings and parties. I am not opposed to an identification card whose numbers might not necessarily reflect my proper age, I simply lack the knowledge of where such an item might be procured and am accepting offers.

If you are too far into tech, too far into music or too far into blogging, you are the person I am looking for and we should set up some kind of meeting. I am currently located in San Jose, but am looking to move to San Francisco or Santa Cruz, so activities in those areas are helpful.

People who, off the top of my head, I would like to run into (I hope you all watch your Technorati cosmos):

  • Matt Mullenweg — I missed the most recent party due to the age thing, hopefully that can be a solved problem before the 4 months it will take for the world to get back to tilting at that familiar angle towards the sun.
  • Jonas Luster — Jonas rocks the Bay Area’s communal socks, we need to hang out again, dude.
  • Sean Savage — Met Sean at ETech, he’s cool, at Berkeley and needs to look at this post with regards to PlaceSite
  • Craig Ness — Just saw a link to him in reference to awesome music stuff. I like awesome music stuff. Get me tickets to the good shows, Craig, please.
  • Craig Newmark — Talked to Craig briefly at Web 2.0, three words: nicest. guy. ever. Don’t know what we would do together, but I’d love to buy him lunch.
  • Evan Williams — Dude’s busy on Odeo, surely, but the various times I have run into him he has always seemed like somebody who knew what was going on. And nice, too.
  • Matt Haughey — MeFi, Blogger, Creative Commons… what can’t this guy do? Hell, he’s on my Orkut friends list (haha) so it is amazing we haven’t hung out.
  • Chris Messina — Alright, we already talk a bit and expect to hang out, but I thought I should put him on this list so that people will know that I am cool and talk to Chris Messina.
  • Brad Delong, Chris Whipple, Jean-Yves Stervinou — These 6A people are on my list of good karma, we should hang out.
  • Tantek Çelik, Kevin Marks, Niall Kennedy, David Sifry — These guys need to make sure I am invited to the next Technorati-related event. They should also let me hang out at their office, yup.
  • Adam Rifkin — I’ve run into Adam a bunch of times now and he does such a great job at talking me up that I think he should be everywhere 🙂 And he should let me hang out at his office.
  • Saul Griffith and Eric Wilhelm — At Squid Labs, these guys have the coolest set of random inventions that are somehow related. Awesome toys, awesome tools. They are in Emeryville, we need to plan some time for me to stop by.
  • Peter Merholz — Homeboy knows his stuff, I wish I could make it to the Adaptive Path party on tomorrow, but I don’t expect I’ll have time.

Those are just a few that pop to mind, in no particular order, but I expect the rest of you that I missed to speak up and let me know when we are going to do something.

3 thoughts on “The Hip / Tech Crew

  1. Right on Andy, drop a line next time you’re in Berkeley.

    Next weekend we’ll have a midsized shindig at the house here in Berkeley and you’re invited.

    This weekend, this may be a good freakshow:

    RE: the link “regarding placesite” — are you sure that wasn’t regarding the cheesebikini wi-fi cafe maps? Thx in any case

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