The Bulge

Ran across this fine product today, thanks to the ever-vigilant eye of Vess:

The Bulge is a discreet, flexible-web insert that creates an impressive, realistic package enhancement in any swimsuit or underwear.

Beyond the obvious hilarity of this item, and the flood of gag birthday gifts that will drive its inventor’s stock into the stratosphere, I wonder how much women actually pay attention to a ‘bulge.’ I’m of the belief that size makes a difference, even if only due to psychological factors, but, whereas a guy might gain interest in and go out with a girl based primarily on the shape of what fills her pants, I simply don’t feel it is as likely that a nicely shaped bulge is going to win a guy as many points.

As an aside to that, is it actually common for guys to pad? I have definitely seen a fair number of teenage girls padding their breasts, but have yet to run into a girl who mentioned a guy who had padded his crotch.

2 thoughts on “The Bulge

  1. As of yet, I haven’t come across any guys who “pad”. Or at least, not that they’ve admitted or that I’ve managed to find. 🙂

    not to mention… most guys wear lose pants. How would we see?

    On the other hand, I saw a guy recently with a very obvious hard-on going down his leg. It was rather strange.

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