TermieSF Release: Nov 5th

Mark your calendars!

Most of the necessities of life will arrive this week, and I am settling in to the new rhythm and job responsibilities with Google so I am officially aiming for November 5th as the first day of my new life in San Francisco.

What does that mean for you? Well, it means I will theoretically be more attentive socially, my time will no longer be absorbed making sure we have internet and electricity and whatever but instead on making sure cool stuff happens. Yay cool stuff.

Our house is nearing the level of completion necessary for a “bring a chair, a stool, a piece of silverware, a plate or a cushion of some sort” dinner party, though that may still be a little ways off as Mika and Teemu will be in Finland / Europe for a couple weeks.

Sidenote that I’ll talk about more later: We’re also officially looking for one or two developer roommates to join our household (we have a fabulous house in a great neighborhood) so drop me a line if you’re interested. Contact info

Other sidenote: Those of you who have new phone numbers or numbers I never had, SMS me on the number listed in my contact info sometime so I can update my address book.

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