Termie’s Talent Agency

Or maybe “Matchmaker Service,” but I like the alliteration in the first one. It turns out I actually get a fair amount of people talking to me looking for somebody to work with them and since often times they are pretty cool people and companies I’d really like to be able to point them towards some similarly cool people.

The problem is that I don’t know which of you cool people are even vaguely available or what your particular interests are.

So, starting today, in my seemingly endless spare time (ha!) I will doing my best to hook. you. up.

If you think that you could at some point somewhere in the future be interested in working on cool stuff, shoot an email to ‘tta’ at the domain this blog is on. It doesn’t need to be anything formal, some useful bits to include would be:

  • whether you would like to travel or move, I hear about things in both Europe and the U.S.
  • what kinds of things you are actually enthusiastic about, if you code but are really into journalism I want to hear about it; describe your dream job.
  • where I can dig up more info on you, like a blog or something.
  • the recipe for your favorite food, I like food.

I’m not going to be posting this information anywhere, it is just for my private use, but if cool stuff comes up I’ll shoot out an intro email to the parties involved.

3 thoughts on “Termie’s Talent Agency

  1. great idea termie. i’m totally gonna send you some info. i’d love to see the world, explore digital consciousness, hang w/ rockstars, sleep less, and build pretty cool things.

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