“Possible finger in fast food.” “Barry Bonds steroid scandal.” “Barry Bonds walking away.” “Terry Schiavo.”

I haven’t watched television and quite a while, but my father is watching the channel 11 news right now, NBC I think. How low have we sunken?

They have a shot of Barry Bonds sitting solemnly saying, “You wanted to get to me? You wanted to hurt me? Well you have.” That brought about a “Who is ‘you’?” from the reporters, to which Barry Bonds responded, “You. And You. And You,” while gesturing towards the reporters interviewing him. Cut back to the news room with a man talking about Barry Bonds’ mental health. I guess nobody ever said reporters were supposed to be human, but I thought this brand of ‘journalism’ had gone out of style.

Little characters on a screen, with their grab-bag one-liners and rock-solid haircuts, and not a soul in sight. I’m not asking them to cry when they read about people who die (sorry Jack Johnson), but I’d expect them to pursue a story for the value of the story to the viewer rather than for the shock of constantly airing a clip of Barry Bonds practically in tears or Terry Schiavo looking dead.

One story that did get to me, and this is quite related to that last post, was a story about high school students walking out of class to protest teacher lay-offs. This is exactly where the internet needs to be used, these things can be organized so much more effectively and appropriately with the net. We’re right up to the point where high school students should be using the net and being aware of the rest of the world, technology is cheap enough, get it to them, teach them how to use it to interact effectively.

My entire stay as a high school student was characterized by an inability to be taken seriously, by being treated more like cattle than like somebody who would be expected to do something important for the world. Even in protest, these students are treated as cattle, there is no website organizing their plight, there is nobody calling the news to talk about the problem, they are shown that numbers is their only power.

Sidenote, “Blind Justice: He lost his sight, but not his vision” is just as stupid as it sounds. I really have an urge to destroy television’s entire economic system.

I’m glad I read news online where the assholes don’t pretend not to be assholes.

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