Technorati Tags… And Some Code

I always knew my boys and girls over at Technorati wouldn’t let me down. If you haven’t already read the story, I’m afraid you aren’t reading enough cool blogs, Ross Mayfield writes about it eloquently.

The biggest hurdles for me to overcome before all my pages become as tag-riddled as all my Flickr and posts are that my blog post categories aren’t “normal” words meaning I have to add my own tags to each post, and that I have been too lazy to upgrade MT or switch from it, so it is a bit tedious to whimsically update tags.

But in the name of open source, laziness, and liking the Markdown text formatting style, I hacked a little addition on to the Markdown plugin/script so that one can use the format [ tag:$tag ] (without those extra spaces) to make tag links like this: [tag:technorati]

So, grab the source, or check it out from svn at svn:// If John Gruber doesn’t sue me or complain too loud (or notice) I’ll probably get around to updating this to support a few other syntactical sugars.

Or maybe Ado will hop on the soul train and make Markdown filter for ecto support it, too. Okay, I’m dreaming, but you can, at least, easily add a “Custom Tag” to insert the links for you, a la <a href=’’> and </a> for the opening and closing tags, respectively. I use command-t for it.

Anyway, I’m proud of Technorati for making another cool thing, they’re doers.

[tag:movabletype], [tag:code], [tag:technorati], [tag:perl], [tag:markdown]

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