SXSW 2005

Since I’ve been notified that my dear friend Jonas Luster will be taking part in a couple panels at this year’s South by Southwest Conference, I am attempting to solidify my plans regarding such a trip.

Interactive is March 11-15, Film is 11-19, and Music is 16-20. I am pretty much locked in for attendance to Interactive as I wouldn’t want to miss Jonas and all his glory, but, while I would love to attend both the other portions, the cost is prohibitive to attend all three. ($650!)

But, of course, if I were to have a friend who was interested in attending one of the others as well, and/or share a hotel while down there, the extra cost may well be worth it.

For those of you who don’t know, SXSW is something of a bleeding-edge creativity festival, every year they showcase a plethora of innovators, artists, and the people who are both. I’ve wanted to go every year since I’ve heard of it, the interactive portion is a geek wet dream, the music section is the audiophile version of an orgy, and, well, I don’t know anybody who has gone to the film portion but it looks hot, too.

So, artists and geeks, have you the guts to save up some bling and voyage with me into the deepest reaches of adventure?

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