Switched to WordPress

Between frustratingly long rebuild times and pleasant conversations over drinks with Matt, I decided to switch my MovableType blog over to WordPress. There are a couple other reasons for the switch, a couple projects that I am working on that lend themselves much more nicely to themed platforms like WordPress and Drupal, and the general open source good vibes that emanate from the WordPress camp.

It actually wasn’t very difficult at all to switch, although the tutorials certainly left me feeling a little unsure (I’ll mention my gripes later on), and I’ve got a slew of patches I’m ready to start writing for the WordPress code. I have to get used to this templating system as well, maybe there are some docs somewhere that explain it.

I’ve received a couple messages about my RSS feeds, but they should be back to normal now thanks to some mod_rewrite-foo. Ping me about any further weirdness that you may run into. I hope to re-theme a good portion of both this and devdev2040 tomorrow. They’ll be a cute couple, I promise.

In vaguely related website news, I think I am going to start transitioning everything over from ‘anarkystic.com’ to ‘an9.org.’ The only difference will be in search engines that rank a given url, ‘an9’ is just faster to type, so if I have previously asked you to link to my site via the anarkystic domain, feel free to smack me. Oh, and that ‘Blogroll’ section is going to get much bigger shortly, Matt just happened to be on it by default 😉

2 thoughts on “Switched to WordPress

  1. I myself have been mulling the switch to WordPress. My hosting company has the necessary stuff, so I know I can. I haven’t played with it at all, but I too like the open source good vibes. Also I’m a bit less technically astute than you, so the process is a bit intimidating.


  2. Just curious, was there a reason you hadn’t considered MT3, since that doesn’t require rebuilds either, and you wouldn’t have to change templates? I’m always looking to see how we can improve our products and make them better fit people’s needs, so any feedback would be appreciated. 🙂

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