** UPDATE ** Date changed to May 28th

It’s a party, it’s a hackfest, it’s SuperHappyDevHouse!

The first SuperHappyDevHouse event is scheduled for May 28th. The premise? Bring together a bunch of developers and designers, sprinkle in food and drinks, stir and see how it all comes out.

From Blogrium:

You could think of SuperHappyDevHouse as an all-night hackfest. Come work on your personal projects; this is an excuse to do it. Maybe you’ll learn about new technologies or methodoligies. Maybe you’l find people interested in working on that project with you. Maybe you and others will form an idea for something that you could easily prototype together that night. If not, the environment is fun and productive, just what you need to get your work done solo.

The house this thing is hosted at is amazing. With any luck it should bring together some of San Francisco’s finest for an evening that would make any geek proud.

View the Evite

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