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[Updated at 12:30pm, June 21] My blog is back to the original comment system for the time-being, possibly changing again once the service goes live, thank you all for your helpful comments.

Pssssst. Don’t tell anybody, but I’m testing out a little bit of a new commenting service on my blog (and on devdev as soon as Chris wakes up and teaches me Drupal theme magic). I’m hoping to get this all deployed on real servers (read: not mine) within a few days, but I want to get a little bit of testing out in the open. Plus, when eating one’s own dog food, development seems to move much faster.

Here’s how it all works:

  • Comments are all pulled from the Content Server (in this case inside of some Javascript which is called in my template to display them, or the count, or whatever.
  • If the post already had comments on it, that count is shown and those comments are shown. New comments are turned off to prevent spam.
  • When you click on “Post a comment” you are taken to a comment posting interface on the Author Server (in this case where you have the option of filling out a captcha or sxipping in.
  • If you choose to fill out the captcha, a cookie will be set on your browser so that you won’t have to do it again, and once you reach the success page you will have the option of adding a password to your account to upgrade it to a sxip-enabled account. This means you will have homesite and be able to sxip in wherever else SXIP is supported. This functionality is a bit of a dummy right now, as this is just a testing installation, so you won’t actually be getting a sxip account by using my test.
  • Information you put in for tags and rank will be saved, aggregated, and eventually displayed in pretty and useful ways. Same goes with your reputation as you post comments and they are moderated by the blog owner. The goal is to be able to keep a unified identity as you post comments around the web. It will be cool, I promise.
  • Spam will be crushed like a puny worm. But not yet, that feature isn’t turned on, so don’t hurt my server too much.
  • For the record, this is all currently done simply by adding a couple <script> tags to the templates, but I plan on writing plugins for WordPress and Drupal to ease integration. MovableType isn’t going to be left out, but development moves a tad slower on that platform.

So, feel free to run about and comment, if you run into any errors or weird feelings, register a bug over at the bugzilla site (you’ll need a sxip account to log in, get one at

If anybody is interested in writing any plugins/modules, or even just submitting “it would be cool if…” feature requests, let me know. This is going to be used in blogs, you are the people whose opinions matter.

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