Special Times

I think I’ll try a slightly different approach to blogging, rather than spam Jaiku with updates whenever I am waiting for food by myself at a cafe for lunch I will use my trusty pen-moleskine combo to jot down something in prose concerning the deep philosophical implications of my current predicament.

For example, I am currently sitting comfortably in the sun outside a brasserie called De Brakke Grond, and while a quick analysis of my life would imply that this is a pretty average sort of event for me on a late-August afternoon, a deeper look at the recent times, let’s say the past three months, approximately the season of summer, one would fine the number of these sorts of events to be sorely below that average.

Amsterdam, it would appear, mostly just rains during the summer, making these sunny and warm afternoons a very special time indeed. And where else could I eat good panini and drink one of 20+ kinds of belgian beers while sitting outside on that special day?

2 thoughts on “Special Times

  1. This summer has been especially wet here (and in other parts of Europe) but the weather is not normally so bad here. Last summer there were many evenings suited to outside entertainment.

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