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General bio for speaking engagements. Mostly here as a quick link to hand to people, but maybe I can get some SEO magic working for Andy Smith Bio searches.




Probably better known as “termie,” Andy Smith is an open source, uppity, Python Go programmer from way back who has tried to dabble in everything else along the way. Lately his work focuses on modernizing development by leading the efforts at Wercker, previously building the infrastructure for quote, the cloud, unquote, with OpenStack and prior to that he built the platform layer at Google App Engine, and before that the application layer at Jaiku and before that the client side at Flock. Notable side projects include OAuth and BarCamp. Before that he worked on MUDs and he wants to do that again. Buying him beer is a good way to find out what he really thinks.

I believe knowledge should be in the hands of the people, because only through an intelligent public can we implement intelligent change.