Spam Abeyance

My spam attempts have been on the rise since being linked over at The Unofficial Apple Weblog and Boris Mann’s Blog. Way on the rise. Directly after having my traffic triple from those two links, spam attempts began to hit 20,000 a day.

Luckily, my little spam blocking addition to the comment form combined with has prevented any spam from getting through; however, 20,000 hits a day is still a load on my server, my bandwidth, and my stats.

Meet, Andy’s Ultimate Spammer Abeyance technique. I have moved my comments script, to somewhere clever I might add, and updated all the templates. The old page throws a 3 byte 403 to save bandwidth, and my logs no longer log anything going to the old url (the spammers screwed up my stats, too). It’s like the spammers don’t even exist.

The final step will be to throw a redirect to some kind of evil site that somehow should be hurt or can hurt the spam monkeys. Will says he’s heard of a place that is meant for just that purpose. We’ll see.

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