Someday They’ll Let Me Sleep

Still sorting out the finances for Bar Camp, big post on that coming up soon. But until then, you can start planning for the next event:

Burning Geek BBQ happening at The Langpad (where Chris and I live) this Sunday (the 28th), 3pm+.

You bring the food, the booze and the skillz, we provide the venue. Emergent party, baby.

Update Just so y’alls know, this is a “people-who-we-sorta-know-slash-friends-of-friends” event. If you don’t know us or anybody we know, you may want to start commenting on this blog and building a “we-sorta-know-each-other” relationship pretty fast. I mean, hell, it’s not like we don’t want you to come, it is just kinda weird to have no clue who you are and have you at our house.

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