Shaggy & Scruffy: The Story of My Head

Shaggy and Scruffy

If you’ve seen me recently you may noticed something different about my appearance, my hair has been released from the boundaries normally defined by fashion and dignity. Upon seeing this, some of you may have come to the conclusion that i have finally lost my mind, that i have given up completely on all hopes of satisfactory integration with civil society, but you’d be partly wrong.

You see, shortly I will be taking a photo, either a passport photo or a driver’s license photo, possibly even a corporate photo or two, and I don’t care to let these events happen anti-climactically. When the time comes for me to commit my visage to government-issued identification media, it will be a grizzly visage indeed. A scruffy coat of itchy splendor shall consume my face, matched only by the shaggy locks springing wildly from my scalps tender skin.

2 thoughts on “Shaggy & Scruffy: The Story of My Head

  1. I found your picture googling images for “scruffy” just for the hell of it you were perfect that Solstice day in June 05. A gorgeous scruff!

  2. I too was searching ‘Scruffy’ just for the hell of it! xD I clicked on the picture because you look a hell of a lot like my brother, who simply refused to cut his shaggy mop or shave his scruffy goatee before he went to get his passport picture. Kind of like in your case as well. What a great coincidence.

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