Seven Months of Travel

I fly home tomorrow, it will be my first time back in the U.S. since April 29th. The trip was mostly living for two months at a time in London, Berlin and Tokyo, between each we spent two weeks in Paris and in Bangkok / Koh Samui, and there were a variety of smaller trips amongst the larger stays.

I visited 10 countries (The Netherlands, England, Ireland, France, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Thailand, Singapore and Japan) and will have gone all the way around the world, woo hoo! This trip was my first to Asia but certainly not my last.

Along the way I was kept sane by my trusty Kindle. Whether sitting on an island beach in Thailand, in a sweltering room in Paris, by myself at a ramen place for lunch or on one of many, many trains and planes I was able to read contently. At rough estimate I went through about 29 books on the trip, most of reasonable length and most were scifi.

Next stop, home, San Francisco. I’ve missed you.

Oh and if you are around, come eat a burrito with me.

P.S. I feel like I should be doing something to protest the TSA, I personally have no issues with being groped or seen nude but the whole thing seems to have gotten to a level that I feel should be fought against.

2 thoughts on “Seven Months of Travel

  1. That sounds amazing! We were in various bits of Asia ( Singapore / Malaysia / Vietnam / Tokyo ) in may and fended off the boredom reading something like 10-15 books each on our iPhones. I can’t imagine travelling without some sort of ebook thingy now.

    Curious: what was the reading list? I’ve recently been burning through a mix of Lovecraft, Iain M Banks, and thouse trashy Sookie Stackhouse books.

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