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Reading list! I was hoping somebody would ask 😀

Iain M Banks was in there heavily, however I held off on the Culture novels for a bit because the two novels that were next aren’t available on Kindle, but they aren’t really dependent on each other in any way except for Look to Windward being loosely related to Consider Phlebas and I had already read Consider Phlebas and Look to Windward was available… so now I am going through the rest now. I also read the remaining non culture novels that I hadn’t read, and Transition was pretty awesome. ANYWAY.

Read the Ken Macleod books in the Star Faction series (already had Star Faction itself years earlier), and they were amazing, I love that guy’s poli-philoso-scifi, fucking awesome. Also read his Engines of Light series, they were okay, interesting stuff but not nearly as interesting to me as the Star Faction set.

Went though the Hugo and Nebula award winners (just novel and novella) for this year and last, of which I’d recommend “The City and The City.” Boneshaker was pleasant for steampunk, I’d maybe read some more from that author but not right away. From many many awards ago I also recommend Shade’s Children, amazing.

Went through a bunch of random other scifi, some Neal Asher, if you’ve read any of his books you know what to expect but “The Line of Polity” was better than most (check out “Cowl” for a great time travel concept, though), sort of on the level of a reasonably interesting television show but nothing that moves you; worthwhile padding material.

Some more Alistair Reynolds, I’ve already read most of his stuff but I read “The Prefect” and “House of Suns,” of which I would recommend House of Suns for anybdoy who is a fan of Greg Egan, it has a ridiculously epic story. Saturn’s Children from Charles Stross was the only scifi from him I had left (everything else he wrote is great also) and was a pleasant little raunchy romp and I recommend it to anybody.

In newer stuff I recommend “Julian Comstock: … “, a great one off. I also have found the “WWW” series entertaining so far, light reading and short but got me through plenty of uncomfortably warm nights in Paris. The new William Gibson just to keep up (I’ve read the rest).

On the older end I read the whole Red, Blue and Green Mars series, totally awesome. There are a variety of things one can fault in the novels however they really gave me chills thanks to their very immersive nature. Also the second half of the Dune double trilogy, the first novel of which at least is mind blowingly amazing (reading the first three is required).

Outside of Scifi, “Fermat’s Last Theorem” was great and it was interesting reading “Botchan” while living in Japan.

4 thoughts on “Scifi Reading List

  1. Just finished Transition. I can’t believe he managed to pull off a whole story where the whole “Christian terrorists” thing is just a sidebar.

  2. If you haven’t read Banks’ ‘the Algebraist’, it’s my favourite Banks book ( with Excession a close 2nd place ). It isn’t a culture novel so sometimes it gets left off of lists.

  3. Jeff: The Algebraist was the first one of his I read, totally awesome I agree. Looking forward to reading Excession now that I am home and have a copy (I couldn’t get a Kindle version)

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