San Francisco

A couple nights ago I got the chance to read this excellent blog entry (via danah) comparing San Francisco to New York. I don’t have a lot of experience with New York, but everything he mentions certainly seems to make sense. Anyway, I figured I’d chime in on my own little loves for San Francisco.

San Francisco has hills. Glorious, luscious hills, that New York lacks. While for the inexperienced drivers this may be more a curse than a boon, it makes for breathtaking views at all hours of the day and night. New York has a certain beauty all it’s own, but San Francisco’s hills have majesty; they command the kind of awe that comes with knowing you could never create something so great no matter how hard you tried. You can even enter a parking garage at street-level, go down five levels, and exit at street-level. How cool is that?

Plus, last night, in San Francisco, I met a mermaid. Her name is Anna, I’m going to impress all my friends at E3 by having her look when I yell her name and run.

And did you know, and I bet you didn’t, that Czechs call both accordions and harmonicas harmonicas? Yup, and in Italy an accordion is a fisarmonica. More reasons why harmonicas are cool all the time, may wonders never cease.

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