Today I start the next step in my journey towards keeping my time booked well beyond 200% of capacity, I have decided to stay in San Francisco full-time and join the brilliant team at RoundTwo. Believe me, it is taking all the willpower in my body to resist making horrible boxing puns. I love puns.

At RoundTwo, I’ll be playing the role of “the street smart kid who knows what’s up,” taking my bruises along with my breaks, spending too much time with booze and women, but eventually finding out that I had what it took to be a contender all along: a good heart.

I’ll also be working with some sweet web and browser tech, like whoa.

4 thoughts on “RoundTwo

  1. Woohoohoo! Exciting times. 🙂

    Does that mean you get to drive around in boats and private jets when google buys you guys?

  2. Well, since you’ll still be local, I guess I can buy you a beer or somthin once you’re legal :p

    Joe “Not Quite As Bad A Motherfucker As Andy “Bad Motherfucker” Smith, But Still A Bad Motherfucker In His Own Right” Lewis

  3. score one for San Francisco! and for RoundTwo.

    Glad to hear you’ll stick around. Congrats.

  4. Hey man, welcome aboard! Glad to have you as a roommate AND a coworker. Damn, I hope you can deal with me and the riffraff I’ll be bringing home. 😉

    That was ironic.

    Anyway, good hearts think alike.

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