Quick Tagging Interfaces

I’m currently swinging back through the past three week’s photos on Flickr and tagging them appropriately (I hear I am part of the 2% that actually tags) and while the batch mode does an acceptable job at letting me tag a few pictures at once, I am quite interested in finding some solutions to quickly tag large numbers of photos, or UI suggestions for something that would make sense (I do live with a designer and have a kickass api wrapper so I’m sure I could get the thing made).

Organizr does an alright job for tagging timed sections at once or tagging based on other tags, but flash still feels clunky. Some quick searches revealed Keyword Assistant, but it isn’t really the answer for me as I don’t particularly like dealing with iPhoto for extended periods of time (10k+ pics slows it down quite a bit).

Does anybody know of any experimental tagging interfaces?

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