PyRack and the Future of Spotlight

Read the excerpts Kottke gathered in The future of Spotlight and OS X and it is really pretty much exactly what the end goal of a UI implementation of PyRack, an idea I kicked around for a long time, would be. It’s a truly beautiful concept, brings me right into a weird Foucault’s Pendulum (maybe I should grab an Amazon associate id) state of mind.

I love all the math behind making these relationships mean something, the idea of locating an item based on how I felt they were related or how other people who’s opinions I trust felt they were related. Share the data and truly effective groupware is inches away.

I’ve talked many times about how I feel that the true power of computers is representing an amount of data that you can’t keep track of at once as a manageable summary that you can, and this sort of concept is right there in it.

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