Pride Parade Video Clip

August 1st in Vancouver was Pride Day, which, as any self respecting city would agree with, meant there needed to be a parade.

Lots of exciting folk, not quite as large as the SF event, but fun regardless. We just happened to be positioned behind four girls with the words, “SHOW US YOUR TITS” written across their collective stomachs. That was cool 😉

The best part for me, however, was one of the performances in the parade. Thirty-or-so men dressed in soldier outfits (read: short camo shorts and cut-off shirts) wielding white-and-rainbow rifles had a complete dance number set to various different songs. It was by far the gayest thing I have ever seen. So perfect, in fact, that I searched around a bit and found somebody with some video footage of the proceedings.

The clip is from far away, but you can see the general shape of the people and hear the music.

Update Better Quality, 8MB: Gay Soldiers (Thanks again Gail!)

One thought on “Pride Parade Video Clip

  1. Hi Andy,

    Love the video clip you had of us, ROTC Chicago, marching in Vancouver. We had a great time performing for the Vancouver crowd who was so great cheering for us.

    -Dung Ta- Righteously Outrageous Twirling Corps (ROTC)Chicago member

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