Pieces of Late

Getting things done is a bit of a priorities game. Generally there are a few things that you’d like to get done every day, something of a routine that you put yourself into. And, unrelentingly, exceptions come at you to drink your blood like cheap liquor.

As Suw so eloquently points out in her entry about going away for a few days, in this wacky world of instant publishing and overlapping timezones, a short time away from your usual obsessive habits can lead to disastrous results.

Take, for example, our hero Andy, a sufferer of a rather acute case of infomania, and his recent expedition into the realm of Jibot. During the time Andy spent working on Jibot code, he neglected his daily habits of reading the plethora of blog syndication feeds (BSFs) on his subscriptions list. He has some ideas about what he might want to write about in his own blog, but some other blogger probably wrote about something he wouldn’t want to skip over in his entry. Of course, Andy does not have the time allocated to sift through all those entries right at this moment, so he should probably put off writing until he does. Well, folks, Andy just isn’t going to read those entries, he’ll just expect that if it was particularly interesting some other blogger will bring it up a couple days from now and spur Andy to read it.

So, in conclusion to a meta-blogging blog entry little more than itself, I would like to mention that within th next two hours, that little picture to the right of the links in the “About” section should have hatched into a pupa, and that event will make me something to the tune of seven hours older than you. For great justice.

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