Peace, Love, and Nudity

Do you like naked people? How about crazy costumes and huge parties? Welcome to the Fremont Faire. My arrival in Seattle coincided perfectly with the beginning of summer, and in Seattle the solstice is no small event. Live music, hundreds of food/craft/art/community booths, thousands of people, parades, and, above all, naked people on bicycles.

How I do love nudity. I actually came fairly close to stripping off all my clothes and running around naked myself. Being in the buff was in the air. Body paint was everywhere, along with performers and man-powered floats. There were people dressed as everything from full-sized elephants, with an entire apparatus attached to their bodies to move the head and legs, to Dick Cheney, a gigantic inflated penis with legs. There were dancing bananas and flashing Scots. One of my cousin’s bands, Trination, was headlining the Waterfront stage.

Throughout the rest of the city were people in bathing suits, and it felt as if everybody was on their way to the beach. It seems a bit twisted that I should leave California to go to Seattle, Washington, and come back with a tan. It was such a fun time that I think I will try to make this a yearly trip.

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