Many things take longer to do when you only have effective use of one arm. Typing, for example, or scooping ice cream (luckily eating ice cream is not very severely affected). I am learning this currently because I fractured some part of my elbow and my face in a bike accident earlier this week.

My arm actually seems like it will be significantly more usable soonish, at least it is feeling much much better than the first day after the accident. My face, it turns out, is the worse injury. Apparently I fractured something near my eye which is causing some amount of bleeding into my sinuses. Makes for gross tissues and I can’t comfortably open my mouth very much or sneeze, holy shit does sneezing hurt.

It apparently takes a while for this stuff to heal, so I’m settling in to a sedentary lifestyle for a little while. This is also the first significant bone-y injury I’ve had in my life so it’s giving me a little bit of a sense of mortality.

2 thoughts on “Patience

  1. I feel you. I had my first ever fracture – a (thankfully) really minor one in my arm a few weeks ago. Feeling seriously mortal.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Ouch. Can you laugh, or does that hurt too? (sorry, if it’s inappropriately curious)

    never had a fracture or break, still immortal.

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