OSCON, IRC, and The Three Ps

It is a warm week in Portland, warmer even than Vancouver has been lately. And all I have are long-sleeved shirts.

But no worries. OSCON has been a fun ride so far, today is the first day of the conference, the past couple days that I’ve been here have been tutorial sessions, a few of which were quite entertaining, and I’ve gotten to meet a few people working at interesting companies, despite feeling a little bit like a human spam message. At least I’ve got a good message with a good idea behind it, and that really makes all the difference.


There is an IRC channel running as the backchannel for the conference, and it is rather enjoyable, but it becomes very obvious that only a very small subsection of the people here ever even seem to get involved in that sort of thing.

I can’t help but wonder what it would be like with a more communal backchannel. Rather than having one or two people from any given session in the room at a time there could be some strong mob reporting. Then again, it would get quite messy quite fast, I would guess.

The Three Ps

Those would be Perl, PHP, and Python. Python is the smallest, Perl the largest, and PHP in the middle. It is a strange dynamic, the clustering of like-languaged individuals. I mean, it is an obvious expectation, but even the style of dress and attitude of those in individual camps becomes more similar. Comical in the least, gang-like at the worst.

oh, and I got a haircut

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