One Week Down

One Week Down

I’m in San Francisco now, I have 2 pairs of pants and somewhere between 3 and 5 stylish shirts (taste variable), as of today I have razor blades which means I can shave and make my age recognizable to my new coworkers, I have no furniture or internets at home (can borrow neighbors’ from the kitchen counter) and am on the 7th straight day of maximally indulgent eating. I’ve also been waking up by 7:30 every morning which is downright crazy.

Our house is amazing, if a bit empty until 4-to-8pm Monday when our new IKEA life gets delivered — hopefully we can craigslist our way into non-swedishness (nested clauses), and in a great location teeming with indulgent eating options. I will now make a list of the fancy things I have eaten in the past 7 days.

  • Veggie burrito from Pancho Villa’s
  • Pancake + macadamia nuts + coconut flakes + condensed milk
  • Some sort of awesomeness based on Native American ingredients (and pizza)
  • Breakfast burrito
  • Some sort of east-west fusiony bits + Moroccan somethings
  • Peanut butter and jelly sandwich
  • Hand-rolled sushi + soupy goodness + mahi mahi + crème brûlée
  • Oat flakes cereal
  • Seared salmon + chocolate cake that was really frosting with chocolate crumbs on the side + other fancy goodness
  • Oysters from a couple places + scallops + scalloped potatoes + squid ink risotta + something pastay + something lamby + something else made of fish
  • Something like a bacon enchilada made in a french way + soft french pork sausage + hummus and bread + chocolate cake
  • Yummy spring rolls + snow peas + beef flank + chicken magic + mushroom magic + tangy lemon cheesecake
  • Veggie burrito from Taqueria Cancun
  • Eggy cheesey caramelized onionsy crepe
  • Meatballs + macaroni and cheese + hot dog + frozen yoghurt
  • Sliders + a gazillion other tapas that my brain is abandoning me on
  • Ham & cheese croissant
  • Croque monsieur
  • Two types of avocado sushi + tofu filled with rice + deep-fried tofu + deep fried veggies and mushrooms + edamame + gyoza
  • Honey lavender ice cream

I also managed to sit in busses, BARTs, metros, taxis or their related stops for a combined time of over 12 hours. Mika and Teemu have bicycles now, though, so we can cruise the streets in style, woot woot.

5 thoughts on “One Week Down

  1. you should go to mission pie. its good. its on mission and something.

    sorry i missed you. don’t move to taiwan before christmas, bastard.

    -bri, not writing a paper, of course-

  2. “# Two types of avocado sushi + tofu filled with rice + deep-fried tofu + deep fried veggies and mushrooms + edamame + gyoza”

    yeah that’s what i’m talkin’ bout 😡

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