On Podcasting and The Long Tail

(Podcasting | The Long Tail): Neat idea, clever name, I’m glad somebody talked about it, but don’t you just have to sit back and laugh as hundreds of grown men and women go bonzo over it? These are concepts that teenagers (or maybe 20something geeks on a budget) have taken for granted for a long time now.

Regarding ‘podcasting,’ I don’t own a television, nor a radio that gets any reception, nor a car in which I might listen to the radio. My shows come off of BitTorrent and are watched on my laptop, radio broadcasts included, I’ve even gone so far as to try to convert NPR shows from horrible RealAudio formats when I wanted them. Yeah, the RSS enclosure direct-to-ipod thing is a new formalization of the concept, but it is really just the next step, we had torrent feeds before. I’m glad it is happening, but I swear we all sound like lunatics grasping at whatever the next trendy thing might be.

As for the long tail, just ask a scenester about that one. Just as IRC and the IM networks are the “dark net” breeding ground for so many ideas, all the High Fidelity bibled music aficionados have been basing there existence on being part of that margin, and with the internet in such bloom they are all clawing for the dirtiest dankest record store they can find to make sure they are the only ones they know who have even heard of The Finger. As we go deeper and deeper into tail analogies, I can’t help but wonder if we’ve all lost our heads.

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