On Deliveries and Appointments

Or lack thereof. My gas was being worked on Friday so they had to turn it off, they couldn’t get inside to check that all my appliances were working “safely and efficiently” so they never turned it on. In order to get it turned on before the 9th I have to schedule an all day appointment. Yup all day, and no warning as to when they show up so between 8am and 8pm I am, for the 4th time in 7 days, having to sit at my fucking house waiting for somebody to possibly show up sometime.

I mean who the fuck do these companies think we are? Who the hell has the ability to sit on their ass all day and not go more than 5 minutes away from their house? Absolutely fucking ridiculous. Even if I were to schedule an appointment on Friday I would STILL have to miss the entire day of work because the appointments are 4-hour intervals between 8 and 12 or between 13 and 17. They can’t call ahead, either.

-a splode-

I wish I was the kind to run companies so I could put all these places out of business by having accurate appointments, adjustable scheduling and alternative drop-off methods.

Going to go shower at a friends house now.

2 thoughts on “On Deliveries and Appointments

  1. Welcome to the real world 🙂 It simply sucks big time, but usually, the companies have too few crews, and they cannot predict how lang a repair/check will take. Over here, we have the same issues. If you’re lucky your boss will let you work at home, otherwise, you must sacrifice a vacation day on the altair of corporate crap.

  2. Companies operating in Sao Paulo are surprisingly good in this regard. Service to do similar things since I moved back has been relatively timely. Might be luck.

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