On Deliveries and Appointments, Part Deux

I’m not sure who to be more pissed off at, Citibank or Safeway.

I decided to continue my pain and suffering and place an order online with Safeway for some household essentials because they can deliver 7pm-9pm. Seemed to go pretty well except today at 1:59pm I receive a call from Safeway, “your card was declined we need another one,” I say it’s probably my bank blocking things for the 10th time in the last 2 weeks and that I’ll sort it out with them and then they can re-run the card. He says, sure here’s the number to call me on when you have that sorted out.

So I call up Citibank, go through the same set of hoops answering the questions before they even ask them because I’ve done this so many times now. They rattle off another set of “unusual activity” charges and ask me to confirm them, I do.

Time to call back Safeway. First girl who answers has no idea what I am talking about and promptly hands me to a manager, manager transfers me to whatever department I am supposed to be talking to, rings for a while finally somebody else answers and asks what I am calling about, transfers me to the same department, rings for a while, he answers again, oh I guess nobody is there, but they just called me, well they leave at 2pm you should try the 800 number.

I try the 800 number, get transferred two more times. My order is cancelled, what I should do is go make another order. Yeah fucking right.

Btw, my IKEA sofas, one of which I don’t have screws for, the other has the wrong frame, just doesn’t fit, it’s for a different sofa.

update Guy at Safeway was outside, called me back, re-running the order. I guess that at least is something.

2 thoughts on “On Deliveries and Appointments, Part Deux

  1. i can’t even tell you how many times i’ve been burned by ikea. missing screws, broken pieces, stuff that was in stock 5 mins ago not being in stock anymore…

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