On Bugzilla, Mailman, and Drupal

I am inching closer and closer to the status of “Power Blogger;” I set up another blog tonight.

Honestly, it was more by accident than anything else, you see, I was working on a module for Drupal to add SXIP support. James had already laid down a great foundation of code, so I went to work adding all the other pieces to build the house. The module isn’t “done” yet, but it is certainly existent, usable, and in use.

In use, that is, on my new blog: devdev2040. An excerpt from my about page over there (that’s right, I’m quoting myself):

Everything here will be related to development, and most of it is likely to be regarding SXIP, an identity protocol spawned by the company I work for. Official stuff about that can be found at https://sxip.org. I don’t think this blog counts as “official,” at least, I hope not, because I don’t plan on sounding official.

With the creation of the new blog, came my first posts regarding the SXIP-enabled issue tracker that has sprung up on this site, and my dance with a SXIP-enabled mailing list manager.

As a final little note, I’d like to urge you all to grab accounts over on https://demohomesite.com so that you can play with all my toys as I get them done and throw them at you.

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