On Alcohol

My family is full of alcoholics. It isn’t something I am ashamed of, but it is definitely something I have to be aware of, especially now that I have started drinking.

Throughout my younger life I have been opposed to drinking, in greatest part due to watching the effect alcohol has had on the lives of so many people who were close to me. Considering the vehemence with which I cast down most drinkers, hearing that I, the Andy who swore never to drink for fear of becoming one of the people at the AA meetings, blacked out at a party on Friday night must come as a considerable shock. To my mother and father, the shock must be great as well.

My reasons for ‘giving in’ are really quite whimsical, which actually reassures me. A decision taken lightly, to me, has always been a decision I have felt ultimate control over. Why did I decide to drink? Because I was far from a life surrounded by alcoholics and distance makes all problems seem lesser; because I felt I should learn how to do it well for both social and business experience; because I didn’t want to be afraid of it.

All that said, I don’t plan on blacking out again any time soon, I enjoy my memories 🙂

3 thoughts on “On Alcohol

  1. And we certainly enjoy your presence a whole lot more when you’re conscious. 🙂

    The floor is almost clean, now. 🙂

  2. It’s kind of weird eh? It’s like the whole virgin thing… you get it going for so long, it’s hard to stop. I “gave in” too, some time ago, for the same reasons actually… but I didn’t black out. 😛

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