Off to San Jose for the Weekend

This weekend, the 5th of September, is my great-grandmother’s 105th birthday. That’s pretty old, but she’s pretty cool. She is more hip than most 50 year olds I know, of course, at an age like 105, you don’t really have to worry about social norms as much.

Nonetheless, I will be in San Jose until the night of the 5th, assuming my itsy-bitsy DeHavilland Dash 8 (yes, those are propellers) doesn’t get blown into a thousand pieces by a stray gust of wind.

Look at this thing, it seats 36-37 people, and is somehow expected to get me between Vancouver, BC and Portland, OR.


On the way back, for I’ll be flying in a DeHavilland Dash 4, a plane whose first Google result is a list of flight accidents and victim counts. If I die in a fiery wreck (or just get smashed up a bit), I hope somebody will write a song about me. Colors.

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