Of Boxen and Men

Despite my best intentions, I am left with no choice but to flatten this cardboard and recycle it. This pains me, firstly because I was feeling pretty keen on the prospect of extending the lifespan of the second R (re-use), and secondly because I feel pretty stupid stumbling around everywhere trying to open doors while my arms are quickly losing their grasp on a stack of ex-packing materials.

Originally, I had planned some sort of shelf creation out of these standard-sized blockish boxes, perhaps stacking a few in some artistic pattern and throwing a couple of the red sheets I keep around for covering things over them, but my pink sofa simply is not ready to play nice with red. And boxes with a sheet over them? People will see right through that, assuming any of said ‘people’ ever actually make it to my apartment.

Then, of course, the suggestion was made that I make life-size transformers out of them. A fine suggestion, I agree, but I think we all know the perils of introducing advanced AI into cardboard-based lifeforms without the aid of an entire team of trained technicians (not to mention military personnel) present. I am simply not willing to take that risk.

Those options exhausted, the only recourse appears to be lighting them on fire one by one and throwing them from my balcony.

Wish me luck.

One thought on “Of Boxen and Men

  1. Hey I hear you. There are these cardboard boxes that Arm and Hammer kitty sand comes in. They are the exact size to fit jewel cases. I was thinking about doing some decoupage type thing with my Smithsonian magazines. Fanatstic Creatures and Geeky chrts and graphs and stuff. I don’t care if decoupage is not trrrndy anymore, It’s gotta be on it’s way out, at any rate. It’s a cardboard box man.

    I’ve go a bunch of them boxes saved up, but I can tell you it’s hard to get all the sand particlesout. They might all get filled with junk mail and sent to the recycling collection point.

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