Obligatory Gmail Post

Special thanks to James and Jeremy for making me the coolest kid on the block for a week or two.

My Quick Review (the “neat stuff” is at the bottom): * I like that it lets me view the source of the message. I’m sure hotmail does this too, but screw hotmail. * It immediately suggested the name “andyster” to me, that could be either a plus or a minus, but I went with it. * It doesn’t feel overload. * I don’t like that it displays “to me” after the sender in certain view modes. example * I don’t like that it wants 6 characters for a name and that my name is only four letters long.

I hope they give us an API to play with. It would also be neat to import mail, although I’m not really sure why. If I had an API and could import mail, I could use it as my own personal server for quick notes to myself. Or have fat emails that consist, effectively, of an XML database and use Google as my database server, that would would have a certain appeal. My entire blog could be stored as emails on Google’s bandwidth.

Alright, it’s decided. I want an API and if I don’t get one I will figure out how to fake it.

Update: Google filed their S-1, a copy can be found here:http://i.i.com.com/cnwk.1d/pdf/ne/2004/google.pdf via Joi and CNET

2 thoughts on “Obligatory Gmail Post

  1. Jessica: Those two guys I link to on the top of the post got me an invitation, so I get to play with the little test run.

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