My Performance Self-Review


So, at big companies like this it appears you get to do these “performance review things,” anyway I ended up spending far longer working on it than I wanted to when I should have been rapidly typing things like api.channel_post or request.user but I figured I could make up for some of that by posting a good chunk of it here.

Overall Performance

Just getting moving, between integrating myself with the company and pushing for support for Jaiku I feel these first months were certainly my slowest, but with a solid plan and commitment to it I feel that this is just the beginning.


  • Oh em gee super sekret.
  • Biking to work about once a week.


  • Contributing energy, excitement and enthusiasm / pleasant to work withness / constructive feedback and helpful suggestions is always one of my main strengths.
  • Code-wise, I feel I do a good job of contributing well-thought-out, simple, useful designs, generating great new ideas and staying abreast of new developments in the industry, a close connection to open source developers.
  • I move quite fast and make a lot of progress when the path is clear, tends to be very helpful for people wanting to experiment with an idea.
  • I’d like to think I cultivate relationships between engineering groups, I definitely feel that will be a strong point of mine once I’ve had a chance to interact with more groups.

Areas for Development

  • I feel I could always test much better and do better at keeping design docs up to date, I end up running ahead of those far too often, I feel this will improve greatly as I am exposed to more great testers via code reviews, nothing drives me forward as well as working with bright people.
  • I would love to teach and mentor others more, I feel I frequently skimp on this due to the feeling of lacking time or for getting frustrated with people who are still learning, I think I can improve this by beginning to write more documentation for projects, documentation for APIs and things like that.
  • Complete projects that I started is a big one for me, I’ve noticed myself dropping out of projects here at Google once the meetings become about what I feel is just large company red tape, I’d like to improve this by learning enough of what the issues people are facing are that I can solve them before my interest dies completely. Additionally, simply having the stamina to get through the boring parts long enough to be a useful contributor again.
  • Providing leadership, I’m quite used to running my own projects but at a company of this size and nature it requires much more to be a leader that can contribute, I plan to improve this by working with great leaders and taking on larger and larger responsibilities.

Career Development Objectives

My past objectives in career development have always been related to starting projects that bring together small groups of bright individuals in a way that allows them to thrive and produce free products that move towards making the world a better place and in the process learn greatly by being surrounded by these people and working with them.

So moving here felt like quite a departure at first, but I feel I’ve found the right niches to dive into where I can again contribute and progress towards those goals.

My plans are to bring about environments within the company that breed the kind of passion and excitement that I’ve always taken for granted at smaller companies and smaller projects, and through working in those environments implement and launch innovative products that assist other developers both internally and externally in bringing that same passion and excitement to their environments.

Having a platform like Jaiku on which to rapidly develop new tools is one way in which I intend to begin accomplishing, and working with some of the more interesting developer-facing projects internally and externally is another. Along the way I intend to re-acclimatize myself with C++ and Java so that I will be more quick to contribute to those projects that are based on those languages.

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